Located just 4km southeast of the Melbourne CBD, South Yarra Osteopathy provides a centre of clinical excellence. South Yarra Osteopathy provides professional and experienced osteopathic treatment and management for a wide range of conditions from chronic and acute pain, musculoskeletal and physical conditions.

South Yarra Osteopathy's founder, British born Danny Williams is a leading Melbourne Osteopath with over 20 years experience. He leads a team of experienced osteopaths, who not just treat the everyday problems but also have an interest in treating pregnant women, children, jaw pain, and improving workstation environments.

All the practitioners at South Yarra Osteopathy are independent entities, who share space, facilities, services, support and importantly experience and knowledge.



Dr Danny Williams

Osteopath Dr Danny Williams

As lecturer and tutor at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO), spokesman for the British Osteopathic Association (BOA), one of only two Consultant Osteopaths at London’s prestigious Portland Hospital treating pregnant women and children, Danny has lectured worldwide on Osteopathy.

He was trained at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO), the largest and oldest osteopathic school in the UK. After graduating in 1997, he taught Osteopathic Health Care at the BSO on a regular basis for 4 years, where he was the youngest osteopathic lecturer in Europe.

In 1998 he became an external examiner for the London School of Osteopathy, helping students to achieve BSc (Hons) qualification leading to Professional Registration. Since 1999 Danny has been a Lecturer at the European College of Osteopathy and the Brazilian School of Osteopathy, he completed a Masters in Osteopathy in 2007.

In 2000, Danny built a successful business providing 'In House' Osteopathic Services to companies needing a corporate wellbeing approach.

In 2006 Danny became spokesperson for the British Osteopathic Association where he appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines and appeared on UK national radio and television, where he has advised on the human body and the benefits of osteopathy.

Then in 2010 Danny moved to Melbourne, Australia with his family, where he established South Yarra Osteopathy and continues to build a centre of clinical excellence and develop corporate health.

He also challenges himself by keeping up to date with the latest osteopathic research, which he passes on to his associates and mentees who attend his mentoring programme.


ABN: 64 136 857 485


Dr Melanie Yalpur

Osteopath Dr Melanie Yalpur

Growing up as an elite gymnast was the inspiration for Melanie’s path into becoming an Osteopath. Working as a gymnastics coach and sports trainer for over 10 years provided her with invaluable knowledge of the human body.

Melanie‘s first-hand exposure to sporting injuries throughout her time as an athlete, coupled with her experience working within local football clubs, means that she truly understands the body’s capacity to heal. While completing her Masters in Osteopathy, she worked alongside leading knee and shoulder surgeons during an intense internship in India, which fuelled her growing interest in chronic injury management. Melanie also has a strong passion for bringing relief to women with pregnancy related musculoskeletal complaints. Additionally, she has completed certifications in Dry Needling and continuously aims to expand her repertoire by attending seminars and obtaining best evidence-based practice.

Melanie utilises a wide range of holistic treatment techniques, which are always customised around the patient’s needs. She is very passionate about the Osteopathic approach to health by not only treating your symptoms, but finding the causative factor of your complaint. Melanie aims to apply an effective management plan to help you get back to your healthy state so that you can continue doing the activities that you love!

Melanie has also completed a degree in Health Science, where she majored in Public Health, which allowed her to work with Children with Disability Australia. She has a strong passion for travelling, having been fortunate enough to visit thirty countries & loves being outdoors, but more importantly looks forward to meeting you and helping you get back on your feet.


ABN: 419 217 425


Dr Danny Williams


Dr Melanie Yalpur